About Flying to Denali

Who Flies to Denali

There are three air taxi services that are permitted to land at Denali base camp. All three are based out of Talkeetna. They are Sheldon Air Service, K2 Aviation, and Talkeetna Air Taxi.

Photographing From the Air

You'll want to have your camera ready on the flight. Many people these days use their phones for a camera. However if you are using a DSLR with exchangeable lenses you'll want to a wide-angle lens on. Anything over 70mm isn't too practical.

Prepairing to Fly

In summer months the flight out to Denali can be hot crossing the Susitna Valley before hitting the Alaska Range. Be sure to bring water and stay hydrated, the flight crossing the valley can be nearly an hour each way


Associated cost range in a number of aspects. Getting there can be over $100 from Anchorage Intl. Airport. Flights themselves can range from just over $200 to upwards of $450. Often air taxi's will offer discounts for larger parties.

Around the Alaska Range

Tok Air Service, based out of Tok, offers flights to the Eastern Alaska Range.